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Eyepieces Telescope

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arry Allen, the Flash (CW), Legends of Tomorrow...." /><"http://coldtomyflash.tumblr.com/page/13" />
Hey I’m new to the coldflash fandom and I was wondering if you could give me some fic recs?


Hey there, Nonnie! To be honest, I’ve only recently gotten into the fandom myself (I saw bits and pieces of Flash and Arrow’s pilots way back when because my family tried to get me to watch it, but I never had time, and then eventually I wound up watching Supergirl because of an actor I recognized on the show, but I’ve only been in this fandom since…February? I just haven’t been active until now). But I’d be more than happy to give you recs if you’re just starting out because I have…quite a long list.

  • Tumbling Together by RedHead: aka the fic with the most kudos in the Ao3 tag currently - and it’s hilarious and adorable and my favorite of theirs. RedHead has also written a lot of other ColdFlash fics (such as Seventy-Three Seconds and These Violent Delights) so you can’t go wrong with looking over those too. They’ve written so many good fics and one-shots, but I’d be here all day if I tried naming them all.
  • Keep Cold by Liu: One of my personal favorites (though it’s a WIP), especially since I’m a sucker for anything in the fantasy genre. It’s a Beauty and the Beast au but…hoo boy, it’s nothing like you would expect and it is certainly not the Disney version. Also they have a ton of other fics in the DCTV fandom, not just for ColdFlash, that are just as wonderful so check those out.
  • The Cold Untroubled Heart by Miko & By Any Other Name by cardinalstar: These two are also WIPs based on two very different role reversal aus, both of which include Len being a meta and Barry is morally gray at best. Miko’s fic is almost complete and it’s based on the idea of what if Henry did kill Nora? The latter fic parallels most of S1’s plotline but Lisa and Mick (though mostly Lisa) play more active roles and Iris knows about Barry’s secret from the start. I love both fics to pieces, and they were actually one of my first introductions to ColdFlash? So these two hold a special place in my heart.
  • All of QLaLa’s fics: No multichapter ones here, but all of these fics are wonderful and I reread them whenever I get the chance. If I had to pick one out of all of them, my favorite would have to be costumes optional (unless you’re looking for smut, then go to Pep Rally or those three words (above all else) because they’re GREAT).
  • All of Sandrine’s fics: Again, just read them. They also write excellent ColdWestAllen and Atomwave, which got me into those ships. If I had to rec one, I’d say to check out One Part Saint and Two Parts Sinner first.
  • The Color of Love by Crimson1: This one just happens to be my favorite of Crimson’s – though there are multiple wonderful fics under their Ao3 as well and I can’t possibly name them all – mostly because I’ve read a lot of “love pollen/love spell” one-shots for many, many different pairings and fandoms and this is the first I’ve seen with a plot outside of the love spell itself, and I honestly fell in love with it.
  • The Good in You (the Bad in Me) by blue_wonderer: Another WIP but it’s so fluffy and hilarious that I had to put it on here. This fic makes me smile whenever I reread it (and Blue’s also written many other fics too, so check those out).
  • i just wanna have fun and (get rowdy) by pettigrace: Another WIP, though it’s nearly finished. I’m very picky about reading textfics but this one has a lot of pairings, not just ColdFlash, and it’s just as ridiculous as you’d expect it to be. If you want to read something that’ll get you smiling and you’re a fan of textfics, this is the one to read.

And what the hell, I’m going to rec my own fic Bound By Silver Tongue because I can.


Day Two, Hostage Situation/Kidnap AU of Coldflash April Week.

Leonard Snart was the best car thief in Central, and the surrounding states until he decided to retire at the behest of of his grandfather. He left behind everything, including the love of his life, all to try and keep his baby sister from following in his footsteps.

But nearly half a decade later, Len is pulled back into the game, when his little sister takes a job from Eobard Thawne and gets herself kidnapped.


when you get a bunch of broken pieces, and you put ‘em all together the right way, they make something new, and suddenly, they don’t feel so broken anymore… 

and i’m pretty sure that’s what a family is.


One day,Len go to Star Labs to get his parka,he soon find out Cisco gave it to Leo….

Cisco:Save us,Barry!Make it up to your boyfriend with your body!
Barry: ?
Barry:They know we are dating?Put me down,Len!

do not go to Star Labs laundry,except you want get Barry.


Hello, please take a moment to have your heart broken by how genuinely surprised Zari is when she realises that she has people who have her back for the first time in who knows how long.